The Quran Is Deceit and a Giant Cover-Up of the Truth

Like the New Testament the Quran is the result of the Catholic Church following its foundation by Constantine, a Roman Emperor who is recognized in Revelation 13:12-18 as the second monster with the number 666. He was slid from the Amorite or Amors, the first occupants of Babylon the home of Islam. Their movement and savagery saw them fabricate enormous realms and Roma (switch Amor) was their last capital city.

As the Assyrian portrayed in Isaiah 14:12-19 he considered himself to be more prominent than God and the point of his religion was expanded force and control. He manufactured the Vatican as a parliament to implement his will over all countries and people groups. The Empire was enduring under variety of societies, dialects, and past religions when he brought the Church into reality. Its objective was to bring everybody under its pennant and to utilize power, including torment and murder, to accomplish it.

History records the activities of the group of religious administrators all through the most recent 2,000 years and it is an account of repulsiveness. What it has not recorded, notwithstanding, is the intrigue to conceal the genuine God behind a horde of bogus substances, untruths, fantasies, and wizardry. People in general were cheated into tolerating Constantine’s will by the bogus records delivered by his strict body.

The New Testament was the principal when it was assembled and afterward composed by Jerome, the ‘specialist’ of the congregation. He was designated by Damasus to join the assortment of disappointed branch pioneers who had no valuable approaches to lecture. He additionally brought the things of the Islamic religion of Rome into it as its own. They incorporated its schedule; celebrations; instruments; request of administration; ensembles; and the law. He distributed the primary book of scriptures, the Vulgate, towards the finish of the fourth century.

The Vatican required another part of itself to add positive affirmation of its cases. It delegated Augustine Bea, diocesan of Alexandria, to gather another book and recipe for another religion. He did this through Mohammed, an accomplice to one of his parishioners. He prepared him as a prophet and delivered the Quran similarly as the New Testament had been aggregated by his partner, Jerome.

The concealment and misdirection that followed incorporated the fashioning of papers, the evacuation of all hints of their cause, and the changing of the Church language to Latin by Jerome to maintain a strategic distance from Jewish investigation of his progressions to the Septuagint, which he marked the Old Testament.

The Quran and the New Testament are essential for the colossal connivance (Ezekiel 22:25-28) predicted in the Old Testament predictions. The similitudes between them including the outfits worn by the heads of the two parts of Islam are declaration to these cases.

My resurrection and connection to the Spirit demonstrates that paradise and hellfire are legends and that religions depend on lies and make due on conceal. All have now resurrected and judgment is going on now as individuals endure the results of confidence in their bogus divine beings.

Rebirth is truth and each and every individual who has lived is back. They are going to the Mountain of God for answers.

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